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Left, FIBRESTAR fiberglas (top) and SUPERSTAR birch snares.
Right, are two more SUPERSTAR snares-rosewood and bell brass. These were all MASTERCRAFT snares (with wooden models further classified in the ARTWOOD line). Note the ten MIGHTY Lugs, Strainer with roller beds and the Die-cast hoops. Note the strainer on one of the 70's models below.


THE TAMA DRUM GUIDE now available Contains specs for all markets for all generations of Tama drum series - Royalstar Crestar Rockstar Artstar Superstar Granstar Fibrestar Imperialstar Swingstar Cordia gong bass timbales Titan Roadpro Artstar Custom Artstar ES Stage master Camco Rhythm Mate Tymp Toms Mini Timbales Power Tower System Techstar Starclassic maple bubinga Performer Exotix