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  The first TAMA brand drum made by the Hoshino Company was born in 1974. But their history as a musical instrument manufacturer goes back even further to the 1920's. To cover everything could fill a book and has; it's available now on blurb. Now with my book as their main resource, all the "drum experts" online (perhaps you have seen their ads) can actually fool some people into thinking they actually are. I cannot post up all the specs and research because this is a project that I cannot afford to lose to cyber thieves on a quest to announce my work as their own.

   THE TAMA DRUM GUIDE now available Contains specs for all markets for all generations of Tama drum series - Royalstar Crestar Rockstar Artstar Superstar Granstar Fibrestar Imperialstar Swingstar Cordia gong bass timbales Titan Roadpro Artstar Custom Artstar ES Stage master Camco Rhythm Mate Tymp Toms Mini Timbales Power Tower System Techstar Starclassic maple bubinga Performer Exotix