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NOT A TAMA: Strange, Shocking Tales of the Homemade and Unlicensed


A) This is someone's idea of a vented gong bass drum. Someone took a bass drum that was factory drilled for a hoop extender (yes, Tama did them before DW made them popular), cut down its depth, added some gong bass lugs and a cut down maple hoop and voila! "pseudo-gong bass" 

B) Some kind of electronic drum pad product. Only the case has TAMA stickers on it, but it looks like an old TAMA xylophone case. Of course, Tama made drum synths and e-drums but these appear to be someone else's at least from that pic.

C) Hoshino [brand] Drums are not the same Hoshino company as Hoshino-Gakki. Many sellers make this mistake. When you finally see my book, you will learn more about this. Till then caveat emptor.

D) Tamco.... Tamco was a stencil company one of the companies that sought to confuse the public in Tama's golden age (esp. in the Camco affiliation). With sellers like him, guess it worked. Note the Rogers lugs, not Tama. This is a deservedly obscure stencil brand. 

E) Another reject brand Rama. The big 'R' is a steal from Rogers, the 'ama' of course from Tama. Of course, if you think a Tamco was a Tama, then is Rama a Rogers, or Tama? Answer is neither. It would be sadder to think that someone might think because the logo is a similar font style, a Mapex was a Tama (and some do!!) Well hey, a Starclassic might have die-cast hoops and thin shells but it ain't no Gretsch!

F) eBay is home to a lot of strange activity. Someone has tried to make a business of selling bootleg Tama banners, decals and shirts. Just a plain black logo on white. Problem is, they didn't do a very good scanning/editing job of the T crest...



Ok so they're Tama drums, but they've been refinished to emerald. Notice on drum A) the badge is too centered which they weren't on concert toms of this size. Drum B) is a Starclassic Performer that has rewrapped in some gawdy purple marble color.

Hopefully this page will remain a small page without many pics. I'd hate to think people are buying or getting a hold of modified Tamas, refinished or misrepresented products. These images were mainly sent in by people who spotted them on ebay. But do you have a drum that is suspect-modified? Have an unusual animal you think Tama didn't make? Send a photo in to me and I will tell you if it's NOT A TAMA!